Hicks Coins

About Me


My name is Hunter Hicks. I am a collector and dealer of coins, silver, and gold. I have collected and worked in the industry for 10 years. After working for other coin shops, I realized that by operating with less overhead and with lower margins, I could offer far more for collections. If you have a coin collection you’d like to sell or are not sure what to do with, I’d love to help. 

A couple advantages to selling to me: 1. I started this business to provide an outlet for people to get fair, transparent offers for their coins, and not leave anyone feeling forced into a sale or receiving a low offer for their coins. 2. I am working out of a home office and have very little overhead, so I can buy coins at a higher price. If you have any questions about your collection, please reach out at hunter@hickscoins.com or text (703) 862-7796.

Doing Business the Old-Fashioned Way with the Technology of Today

What’s the process? It’s Easy!

When someone wants to sell their coins, they generally reach out to me over email, phone call, or text. From there I will ask for some photos and can generally make a deal over text. From there, I can travel to the residence or a nearby Starbucks to exchange cash for the coins.